Putting up another sales page 
isn’t the solution. 
Finding the right eyes and hearts is.

Introducing The Diamond Mine.


These are sales pages on ‘roids, meaning they come with creative strategy (aka traffic maps) to help you reach the people who need what you’re selling. 

MOOLAH, BABY! That’s where the real money comes from! 

Because if you’re shooting for $25,000+ dollars in sales a month, your offer is $2000, and only 46 people have seen your page in the last 3 months, welllllll...the numbers don’t add up. 

So, let’s do some quick math (I won’t hurt you, promise): 

Average conversion rates fluctuate around 2-3%. Meaning 2-3% of the people who see it will say yes (assuming they are the right people). 

SO. If your offer is $2000 and you want to make $25,000+, then you need 12.5 people to buy. 

That means you need 12,500 people to SEE the page. In ONE month. AND we have to make sure those 12,500 people are not random Joes off the street, they need to be targeted eyes. 

Dig it?

That’s where Diamond Mine comes in. 

The Diamond Mine is a sales pages that come with a tailored strategy built for YOUR BUSINESS to help you increase the number of qualified people who see your offer each month.  

You’re not going to get a posting schedule for social media, either. You’re playing on the main stage now. It’s not about dancing in the same groups and hoping someone is going to like you enough to buy from you. (Although, I DO dig that method and employ it, it doesn’t work for scalability.) 

The Diamond Mine is going to help you find targeted audiences that you need to help you reach “power status” with your sales, help you come up with marketing ideas that go above and beyond your competition, and help you stand high above the noise of your niche. 

Get a customized creative strategy for YOUR business to help you stand above the noise

The “traffic maps” will: 

• Guide you in creating the content that your audience will love to warm them up to your sales page 
Help you identify target markets that need to see your sales page so that you are hitting the right people, not just your aunts and uncles
Offer creative direction that goes beyond “post in 55 groups a day” that will lead you into powerful new directions with ALL your content
Will help you craft full-on campaigns that meet the 7-touch sweet spot that most business owners miss, so you don’t get frustrated and stop sharing before they’ve seen it enough
Get you in front of brand new eyes and hearts - the right, brand new eyes and hearts that want to buy what you’re selling
Grow your audience, not just your sales, so the next thing you offer is an easy       sale
Grow your business faster than a sales page alone because it comes with YOUR  plan for growth

The recipe to win starts here.

​​​​​​What does it take to win your industry?

The best offer. 
The best results. 
The best marketing. 

So how will Diamond Mine help you do that? 

You and I will meet to go over the ins and outs of your offer and look for a position that situates you outside of the industry norm that everyone is sick of, one that feels fresh and exciting and in alignment with you, your business, and your mission. 

Once we have that, I’ll craft your Sales Page with emotionally charged copy that they are compelled to say “YES!” to. 

Then, we’ll meet again to go over the marketing of this page that won’t be “connect with 10 new people every day in different groups” (although that is NEVER a bad idea...it’s just not the best idea for mass numbers). And we’ll work to establish a map that is easily actionable, so you can stick to your plan of making da big bucks without losing hope. 

So, I’ll help you with the offer and the marketing concepts and ideas, but the YOU’LL have to get them the results. 
And when you do, THEY will automatically become part of your marketing team. Srsly. 

You want to make this year your best year yet...and the landscape is changing...this is how you change with it to create success.

Sales Page Copy vs. Diamond Mine Copy

The copy remains the same electrical, KAPOW emotion that you need to steal their hearts.

The headline will still be the powerful, intriguing headline that I always craft for my clients because that’s what pulls the reader in. 

The complete approach that emotionally addresses the REAL frustrations, fears, doubts, and struggles will still be there.

The guilty pleasure that they REALLY want from your solution will be front and center, as always...because it works. 

The difference won’t be the copy, as much as it will be the concept.  

Arm yourself with more than emotion. 
Arm yourself with the strategy to sell it.

Why Me

I’ve been writing emotionally charged copy since 2011. I work with some of the best in the coaching industry. I’ve worked in agencies on some multi-million dollar campaigns. And I get you. 

That’s why. 

You will see results with this Diamond Mine that you didn’t fathom. Watch and see.

Your Special Price Today:


“OMG…this is soooo amazing!!!!!!

WOW..now I totally get what good copy is!!!! You captured my client exactly and what I put on the questionnaire so well. Thank you.” 

— Charlotte Olsson Bauer, Style Fleur

“I’ve never before opened a first draft and laughed and nodded to much because it was so SPOT ON. Tania is a true pro, an artist and a BADASS. She saved me HOURS of banging my head on my keyboard because she nailed it in the first go. She helped me shape my message into something I’m truly proud to put out there thus speeding up the launch of my program and giving me the confidence to KNOW it’ll get the attention it deserves (which let’s be honest… is so often what makes us procrastinate and worry about putting our idea babies out there). She’s a joy to work with & I’ll definitely be back.” 
— Amy Humphries, Marketing Strategist & Mindset Mentor


“It was sooo easy to work with Tania, she got me, my personality and my service and worked her magic to make my words shine. I tried to do my copywriting alone and it took hours and still felt vanilla. Tania really nailed it in the first draft. I would not hesitate to recommend this bad ass!”
— Kelly Morgan, Life Coach

What comes next:

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