More people reading, more people watching, and more money coming into your business

Copywriting is THE skill that has the power to make or break your profit margins (just ask Frank Kern, Dan Lok, or any internet marketer who knows the impact words have on revenue).

But should your business suffer if you don't have that skill, the time to perfect it or the funds to hire it out?


Absolutely NOT. 

Get pinpointed feedback and direction on the words you use to represent your business so you are putting the copy on that your readers actually respond to on your site, social, and everything in between. 


No more abstract copy that loses the reader and the sale. 

No more low AF open rates that prevent people from seeing your offers and emails. 

No more glossed over ads that toss money out the window. 


Because you now have access to copywriting support that will help you fix all of that.


And it will literally cost you less than a meal out with your family to increase your revenue with up-leveled copy.


The crazy part is that the ROI (return on investment) is almost immeasurable because the investment is so low and yet the benefit is SO HIGH. 

How it works: 
1. You write ... anything (an ad, your web copy, an email for your list, social posts, etc).

2. You submit a ticket via the copy help desk (you'll get the link to do that when you join us).

3. Within 48 business hours, you have the notes you need to shift whatever you wrote from boring and vanilla to CHA CHING! (Not kidding, happens all the time - we have had people increase their conversions from zero to 15% and experience things like 80% open rates!).

This place is a no-brainer for those who struggle to write emotional copy that makes money. Period. 

The SOLE REASON I created the Copy Edge was
to give you the edge you need to create the copy that’ll make them come running with money in hand.

Let's ROCK your copy!

Get feedback and direction from a seasoned master who has:

  • Sales pages that have cleared more than 8 times the investment within a month of their publications
  • 10X list growth in 30 days
  • Webinars that turned over an unheard of 100% conversion
  • Webcopy, social and email marketing that resulted in Income growth of 378%
  • Webcopy, social, email marketing, and webinars that resulted in a tripling of client base
  • Sales pages that have brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • Emails that have sold out expensive retreats to cold audiences

Having been in this industry since 2011, I’ve also contributed copy to campaigns for a $61M brand, and I write for clients who make 6&7 figures online.



Don’t struggle, alone, with copywriting & conversion anymore.

Experience Higher Conversions with the Copy Help You Need

Put the Copy Help Your Business Needs In Your Corner

Write Like a Professional Copywriter With Targeted  Feedback Customized for YOUR Business

 Emotion is my bag. It’s what I do. 
It’s what I’m going to help YOU do. 

And you will have access to critiques and reviews that will send your profits SOARING, at a fraction of the cost that most premium copywriters charges, without the hassle and back and forth that a wannabe of the low-cost writers out there.

You want to make powerful strides in your business. The Copy Edge is your edge.​

Discover the EMOTIONS your readers are missing from you & bring it. Full-tilt.

Sales copy, web copy, ad copy, email copy, social copy. Basically, if you write it, it’s copy. And it has a purpose.

If yours isn’t helping you fill your bank account, together, you and I will fix it by pulling at the right emotions at the right time and whispering into their souls. Even if you’re selling wrought iron gates or “how to lose 37 pounds in 14 days”. 


Only $67/mo - cancel anytime

"Love your work, and would highly recommend you to anyone needing some expert  eyes over their words. 

The difference having your experience on my copy has been bloody phenomenal and has helped me feel more confident and less stressed about what I'm sharing with my audience.

I've definitely also seen more engagement too!!!"

Louise O'Leary,

"If you want anybody sitting at your desk writing for you, it's Tania Dakka! Copy used to be frustrating and complicated for me. Her creative direction has helped me tremendously and having that copy edge is the ace up my sleeve."







Sheila Hawkins, ThirdEyeGroup.Net

"Can I just say how much I love being part of the Copy Edge? My life is full of writers, editors, journalists, PR gals, and grammar nerds so there’s lots of people I can turn to whenever I need feedback about my writing. But the ability to receive consistent, fast, expert advice--without having to buy someone a case of beer or look after their cat in return--is golden."



Maria Lironi,

**Note: This service is to get direction and feedback, due to the low investment, I cannot write copy for you. I can and will tell you how to make it powerful, bold, authoritative and engaging, however.​​​​​​​

Space is uber limited, so join us before all the spots are gone!



In order for everyone to be in the same position, the number of members must be limited to one per member, per day, unless prearranged.

What comes next:

Once you buy, you can request the private Facebook group and my team will approve your access! 


Questions? Contact us