Dear Business Owner, 

If you’d like to start actually selling your products and services, but don’t have the budget to hire world-class copywriters who charge tens of thousands of dollars per page, we should talk. Seriously. 

Because I’ve brought in more than my share of profits for myself and my clients. 

Some of the pieces I’ve written since my beginning in 2011 are: 

  • Sales pages that have cleared more than 8 times the investment within a month of their publications 

  • Audience-building ad copy that inspired 10x list growth in 30 days

  • Webinars that turned over an unheard of 100% conversion 

  • Web copy, social and email marketing that resulted in Income growth of 378% 

  • Web copy, social, email marketing, and webinars that resulted in a tripling of client base 

  • Sales pages that have brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars

  • Emails that have sold out expensive retreats to cold audiences

And more. 

Up until this point, I’ve written almost exclusively for coaches, but I’m ready to apply the knowledge and experience I’ve gained writing for them and what I’ve learned from the masters of copywriting that I’ve studied under to help you sell more of your products and services than you ever thought possible! 

Your first consultation is free. So don’t wait, go ahead and book your call now and let’s see if my approach is a perfect fit to help you: 

  • Bring in the revenue you know you are capable of

  • Be able to hire the support you need to scale your business and experience the life you created your business for

  • Free up the time and energy you need for your family and the people who matter to you most

If you’re ready to invest in words that will help you own your position in your market, book your free call right now

Talk soon,

Tania Dakka